Going clean

As we are starting our journey of going vegan, one question kept coming back in our minds:

What to do with the non-vegan food we have at home?

As vegetarians, we found out that most of our pantry food contained non-vegan ingredients like “modified mild ingredients” and “casein”. We were faced with a dilemma”: should we eat this food even though it is not vegan and therefore against our values, or should we throw it out and make it worse?

Because sharing is better than throwing out!
Because sharing is better than throwing out!

After some reflection, we agreed that throwing completely-still-good-but-not-vegan food is not an option. Still, she felt pretty uncomfortable eating non-vegan food. After a bit more reflection, we decided that this food needed to be shared. Even if some of you might argue that giving out non-vegan food is bad, we think that it is the best way to “veganize” our pantry. Plus, with Christmas coming around the corner, food bank drop box have started to appear all over town. Here are some options to get rid of non-vegan food when starting out:

– give it to food banks

– have a huge “Going Vegan” meal/ party where you cook all of it out

– share it with classmates or co-workers (ex.: that box of cookies/hot chocolate mix)

Of course, you can also identify those foods, eat them out and not quit buying them. However, NEVER THROW FOOD OUT! It makes the animal suffering even worse, because useless, in our opinion.

What do you think? If you went vegan, what did you do with that food? What options are you considering if going vegan?

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