First week as vegans

We made it through the first week!

It really wasn’t that hard. It was actually really fun and easy. We are guessing this is because we are still on the high of newness. However, we do feel pretty well.

He found he felt better after meals. He also realized more easily when he was not hungry anymore and knew when to stop eating. This made him realize how much extra food he ate for no reason. Less cravings between the meals too. He did not feel any fatigue that could be linked to his new diet. He also found the food was really good and was more tasty.

She found it was easy to prepare good meals. She did not eat as much as usual, but did not feel as hungry. It felt as if the food contained more than normal. Her body did not have any trouble adjusting to the new diet. In fact, she felt better after the meals, less drowsy. She did feel tired, but as it is midterm season, it is probably normal. She really enjoy testing and creating new recipes.

This week was a very positive week. We both enjoyed it a lot and are looking forward this new week!

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