Three weeks check point!

So, it has been three weeks since we started the “vegan experiment”. What a blast we had during those two weeks! I don’t think we ever cooked that much or ate as many fruits and veggies. We realize we are still in the “honey moon” phase, where eating is exciting and testing out new recipe is exciting, but it is a really good start> in fact here are a few things we noticed:

– We eat less, but are less hungry. We don’t really understand how that works, but we realized that our groceries last longer. Also, at meals, we don’t go for second helpings quite as often as before. I don’t know if it is because we have diversified our source of nutrients, or if we are just getting used to the new food, but it is good.

– NO cravings! We really thought that it would be hard to pass in front of sushi shops, pizza place and ice cream booth, but she did not feel any cravings. In fact, she thoroughly enjoyed her vegan sushis. In fact, by making sure that there was always food available around (mainly fruits and nuts) no desire for cheese or eggs came up.

– Breakfast (the regular one, not the brunch type) has become her favourite part of the day. Indeed, since turning vegan, she has set out to find different spreads and different milks to try out. We strongly recommend going to your bulk food store and try out some of their nut butters. Near our place, we found one that sells cashew nut butter. Needless to say, it is AMAZING!

We are hoping this state of bliss (…) will continue on for a long time. We really are having a lot of fun being vegan, without any negative side effects. We did not notice any fatigue or any expected change when modifying a diet.

How did you feel when you started to be vegan?

This photo by Brian Crump really describes how we feel :P
This photo by Brian Crump really describe how we feel 😛

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