Being gentle to every living thing

For the new years, he and I decided that we would be a foster home for cats from the SPCA. This program is meant for cats that are sick, too young for adoption or bench warmers (meaning they sat at the SPCA for too long without being adopted). The foster parents welcome their furry resident for a fixed period of one month. After that, they have three choices: bring back the cat to the SPCA where it can be adopted, keep the cat until it is adopted through, or adopt the cat.

her favourite spot: the top of the sofa
her favourite spot: the top of the sofa

We decided to become foster parents because we did not want to commit to a cat for 15-20 years right now. We still wanted to have a cat at home as we have been very happy catsitters in the past. We also thought it would be a good way to be kind to animals who need the attention and care.

whatcha looking at?
whatcha looking at?

This time, we welcomed Tootsie, a wonderful lady cat of 9 years. She is very independent and seems to have a lot of trust issues. Still, she loves to have her ears scratched for long long long periods of time. She is not very active, but will play if you are in the mood. Tootsie is also very observant and loves to watch us do our things for the top of the sofa.

Isn't she gorgeous?
Isn’t she gorgeous?

I really enjoy having Tootsie around because she showed me that cats could have distinct personalities. I know it might sound dumb, but really she is her own person. She has clear limits as to how she likes to be pet and when you need to stop. She is so expressive: it would be impossible to think that she is emotionless after spending some time with her around.

under cover tootsie
under cover tootsie

So far we are loving the experience, and I’m feeling it is going to be hard sending Tootsie to her new family. I really hope we can find her someone who will cherish and care for her as she needs.

7 thoughts on “Being gentle to every living thing

  1. Beautiful Tootsie. Our cat looks like Tootsie in the face and is also very picky as to how you hold and pet her.

      1. Our cat is named Ali. She was a feral cat so definitely had trust issues. Ali was just a tiny little kitten when we spotted her along a desolate roadside. She seemed to be dumped or abandoned so we took her in or she would have been coyote or hawk food for sure.
        We also did not want to be tied down to a pet since we live so far away from anyone. Too far to ask anyone to come take care of Ali while we are gone. So, we now take little mini one day vacations. LOL, but we love her. She’s still a scaredy cat around strangers as well- she runs and hides even if the UPS guy drives up our driveway. Ali is about three years old now and really sweet and gentle.

        haha… sorry for the long answer- guess that I’d better write a post about my cat since i can go on and on.

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