Where have we been?

It has been several months since we posted anything here! Final internships, adopting a cat and changing out apartment has kept us quite busy, with late nights and many early mornings.

However, as I am now starting the last week of my last internship to finish my TESL degree (yay!), I feel like I can breathe again. These two final internships (one primary, one secondary) have really stretched my resources and patience to their limit. Nonetheless, they also showed me that teaching was really my thing. So, yes, I do feel exhausted, but I am happy. What else can you ask for? (… sleep!) If you are interested, check this project I started with students: http://missanneandcompany.wordpress.com/ It’s always fascinating to see what their little brains can come up with!

For those of you wondering, yes, we did end up adopting Tootsie. I guess we were naive to think that we could
1) find someone to adopt an elderly cat
2) have the guts to bring her back to the SPCA after her foster period
Well, Tootsie has been a darling, always making us laugh we her weird faces and behaviours. She is a real lady, but still likes to play and act silly. She really is part of our family now!

Next, I think that changing apartment is an excellent pretext for changing our daily habits. Almost two years ago I had an accident while practicing aikido. My back prevented me from any hard, serious or repetitive work-outs. This of course resulted in me gaining so weight, about 10kg. Even if I do feel comfortable in my skin and happy being curvy, I miss the feeling of lightness I had before my accident. Even if my back still wakes me up at night, I feel like I need to get back to training. A friend of mine recently did her first half-marathon, and it really inspired me. I ran a 5K with her last summer, and I really want to run more. This is why I am going to join a gym in the next few days and start running again! This is super exciting!

Finally, I have to be completely honest with you, we had a few slip ups during those stressful months where cheese and even meat came back into our plates. Once again, this change of neighborhood brought us back on track. We are now more vegan than ever!

So if you kept reading up until here, here are my resolution for the months ahead:

1) Eat vegan
2) Train at least 3 times a week
3) Stretch every day
4) See the little things that make me happy
5) Breathe!

Hope to do this run again this year!
Hope to do this run again this year!

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