Quick tip: Road trips and snacks

Last week-end, my boyfriend surprised me with a day trip to Quebec city for our birthdays (yes, we are born on the same day!) So we looked for how much time we needed to get there, rented a car and started to get excited. Friday night, I started to think about the 3 hour ride that awaited us in the morning and realized that we needed some snacks! It is quite impossible to find any kind of healthy, gluten-free and vegan snacks on the road so I took down some trusty Masson jars and started to cut up some grapefruit, orange, cucumber, carrot, and kiwi. I also made some nettle tea that I let in the fridge overnight. We were ready to go!

Let me tell you, by Saturday night we had finished everything and did not spend money on ridiculously priced unhealthy snacks.

So next time you have a road trip planned ahead, don’t forget to bring some ammunition! 🙂

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