Fresh Summer Rolls

Today, I have the day off, which means that I worked like a slave on my summer classes all morning long. I wanted to prepare something tasty to motivate me a bit. A few days ago I landed on this article: Slim Down with Summer Rolls with amazing rolls! I really wanted to try it out, and today was the day!

We love making rolls because they are so versatile and adapt to whatever is in the fridge. Perfect!

Thought I would use wild rice, but didn't... next time!
Thought I would use wild rice, but didn’t… next time!




Here is what I put in:
– bean vermicelli: great option if you are tired of rice vermicelli
– rice paper
– bell pepper
– yellow zucchini squash
– cherry tomatoes
– mint from my balcony garden!
– baby kale from my balcony garden 😀
– chives, also from my balcony!
– mango: this is the twist that you rolls have been waiting for!

As for the sauce, I didn’t want to make it on the stove so here is what I did:

– In a sauce pan put 1 tsp of say sauce, 1 tsp of tahini, and 1 tsp of peanut butter.
– Pour over some boiling water (about a tbsp) and mix well.

I really love how the sauce turned out! Super flavourful with the tahini, and very quick to make.

Let me know if you try it out and check My Zest Best blog: it is filled with great tips and ideas!

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