Food Rally

I am so excited to share this idea with you! My friend had the super idea of trying to discover Montreal with the eyes of a tourist. When we visit a city we don’t know, we always try to try different restaurants and see as many things as possible; however, we never do that in our own city. In fact, my boyfriend and I realized that we usually go to the same restaurants, and are not so adventurous in our home city. So when my friend had the idea of a food rally I asked to join.

The idea is simple: research, choose and try out restaurants or places we don’t know. This should prove to be easy as Montreal is a buzzing city with many restaurants to offer.

We will take the month of June to be the Gluten-Free and Vegan month. Each week, we will try different restaurants, take pictures (oh yes! food porn coming you way!) and share our impression on the place.

We selected 5 places that we really want to try out (yes, I am aware that a month has 4 weeks, but let’s be generous!):

1- Cantine Propulsion

cantine propulsion

2- Invitation V

invitation v

3- Jubar


4- Cafe Verdure


5- Resonnance cafe

resonance cafe

I hope you will enjoy these little reviews, and that they will inspire you to discover Montreal or your own city with the eyes of a tourist.

Also, as this is a collab, please visit my friend’s blog: L’éclectique Blasée

I think this is going to be super fun! I hope you give it a try, and sty tune for our first review! 🙂

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