Delicious Grated Veggie Salad

Here is one of my favorites of the moment. In fact, I have been eating this almost every day since November… This salad it very versatile, yummy, fun and colorful. Plus you can adapt it to fit your taste and what is available in your fridge.

It is very simple; you basically just need to grate all the vegetables you want to eat! My parents gave me an amazing food processor for Christmas and this has really helped me with this recipe. Before that, I died of grating exhaustion before I was done with the vegetables.

I usually shred a good amount of vegetables and keep them in air tight containers in the fridge so that I can easily throw this salad together.

I also vary the protein by adding different types of tofu, lentils, or legumes. Tonight I ate this with a simple red lentil dahl instead of tofu. It was really really good! This goes very well with rice too. And feel free to add a little bit of soy sauce.

Here is what I use to make this salad:

– One small red cabbage

– Carrots

– Half a daikon

– yellow beets

– red beets

– one green onion

– hemp seeds

– sesame seeds

– marinated tofu

Check out this video I made on this recipe! I’m trying out a new medium to see what it enables me to do. Tell me what you think! Also, try this recipe and tell me how you prepared it.

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