Exciting Christmas Series!

My friend La Végé d’à Côté and I are working on a really fun Christmas Series!

Bright holiday photo. Image №15135

If you know French, you should definitely check out her website. She brings really interesting information and reflections on veganism and nutrition. As she is a nutritionist, her advice is well-informed and documented, and also fun to read.

I’m really excited to partner up with her for this. We have planned gift guides, holiday tips, and, of course, recipes.

Stay tuned for really exciting ideas that will help you for the Christmas season, but , really, for any holiday or special occasion

Cheers ! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Exciting Christmas Series!

  1. Toujours super ton site, bon début de semaine, mon artiste, et encore merci pour samedi ☺
    Papa ☺

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