Candy review: Squish!

A few months ago, my mother brought me a package of gummies from a new candy store: Squish. At first I was a little bit skeptic as most gummies are made out of gelatin and are therefore not vegan. However, I was curious to discover these Montreal-made, more natural candies.

Then, oh my, what a surprise I had when I realized that they offer a large variety of vegan gummies, gumdrops and hard candies. So last week-end, I went to see the store for myself, and I kind of lost control.



Well, to my defense they offered three packs of candies for 15$. I tried a variety of candies, and I have to say, they are quite amazing! It is such a walk down memory lane to eat gummies again. The flavours are fruity and rich, without being too overwhelming… except if you are dealing with sour candies. The gummy bears are a little bit harder then the original version, but the flavours are really great: they do taste like real fruits.


My favourite were by far the sour cucumbers. I cannot pinpoint the flavour, but they were sour, refreshing and had an amazing gummy texture, just like I remembered.

Since I bought quite a few of these little wonders, I filled small masson jars with a variety of candies. They will be little Christmas gifts.

Do you have any candy recommendation that are vegan? If you are in Montreal, I would definitely go pay a visit to Squish; they are quite amazing candies!


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