The Beat et Betterave, an Amazing Cafe!

Last June my good friend Eloise realized her dream: she opened her very own live entertainment cafe with her boyfriend: The Beat et Betterave (nice play on words as Betterave is French for beetroot).


Useless to say we were excited, proud and slightly jealous. The place they have created is simply magical: open, light, filled with wonderful music and foods, it is simply a place to visit.



So, like any 25 years old on a Friday night, we took our car, left the big city and went to Frelighsburg to listen to Les Poules à Colin. This band focuses on folk songs and has quite a unique sound. Back in June, they opened the bar, and last Friday they came back. They have such great energy and personality on stage. It was truly resourcing to listen to their music. To give you and idea of their style, this is a video of last Friday (and also my favourite song).

One thing that is truly unique to the Beat et Betterave is that it brings three different generations together: from grandparents to toddlers dancing, every one feels welcomed. And if you are new around, Eloise and Ludo are sure to make you feel at home.


If you come during the day, this is also a great place to eat some homemade falafel wraps with sauerkraut. They also keep a good variety of beers on tap.


Frankly, if you have a Saturday afternoon to wonder around, I really suggest heading towards the Eastern Townships and check them out. They will be able to recommend walks to do around their cute village, nourish you with exciting foods, and if you stay late, delight you with their guest musicians.

Congratulations for this great place you created! 🙂


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