San Francisco Series, Day 1

We are in San Francisco!

Our first day was a lot of fun! We walked a lot, had great weather and went to a great restaurant: what else is there to ask?


We started the day with warm bread from Boudin: Amazing! The variety was great, and the sourdough taste was rich and tangy.


After that, we walked along the bay and were quite mesmerized by the temperature and flowers. Something quite out of the ordinary in December for us Canadians.


When we got to Fort Masson, we had the surprise of stumbling upon a farmers market… I didn’t think that Californian farmers markets would be as different as ours: I mean, they were selling orchids and fresh citrus!

We also walked to the Palace of Fine Arts. What a funny sight in North America! We were quite impressed and awed.


For lunch we had a great meal at Greens. I had the Holiday Sampler and an unpronounceable grape juice which was quite extraordinary. As desert, we shared the banana chocolate cake which is served with coconut sorbet while admiring the beautiful view of the bay. Yum!

Anyways, today was a great day! We can’t wait to see what San Francisco will display for us tomorrow 🙂 If you have any vegan restaurant recommendations, please let me know!


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