San Francisco Series: Day 4

Today was our first rainy day, and the lazy weather went perfectly well with our lazy mood after yesterday’s walk-o-ton.

We started the day with the Exploratorium which was a really fun place, but we felt like this is the kind of museum you really enjoy if you are a kid, or if you have one with you. Filled with fun and interesting hands-on activities, the place was buzzing with excitement.

After this, we continued to the Ferry Building where we saw some seagulls and sea lions in action in the pier. It was quite surprising to witness such big animals feasting on fish. We went inside and feasted too: special mention to Stonehouse California Olive Oil and their extensive olive oil selection (I couldn’t resist the lemon infused one). We found great vegan food at Delica: delicious fried tofu, sea weed salad, lotus root salad, wild rice roll, and potato croquettes. Yum!

We then moved on to Union Square and the Asian Arts Museum. This museum is really nice and has a rich selection of magnificent pieces. We strolled along for a few hours then went back to Japan town to eat some more.

It was a really fun and relaxed day which was really nice. So far, so good San Francisco!


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