Sushi Rice Dip, a recipe review

For a while now I have been addicted to Tasty’s recipe videos. I love their style, the way they edit, and the food the make always looks so good and easy to make. Not all their recipes are vegan, but they often are.


This morning, I stumbled upon their Sushi Rice Dip video. I showed it to my boyfriend, and he said, ” This is our lunch!”


Well, we were not disappointed!


I did change a few things: I used 3 tablespoon of tamari, but no dark soy sauce. I added a tbsp of sesame oil, and switched the green onions for cilantro. I also toasted some nori sheets instead of using seaweed snacks, and used sushi vinegar to season the rice. I topped it off with some sesame seeds and wakame seaweed flakes. Yum!


The result is a savoury, creamy, slightly caramelized mount of perfectly seasoned rice. The shiitake mushrooms bring a great flavour and texture. Their caramelized sauce is just to die for! This was also really fun to eat as you can make your own bite size rolls. I did make individual portions (which were a little bit too big) and we used spoons, but this is so cute! I love the surprise filling!

This was a true success, and we will keep it in mind for the next time we have friends over as it is delicious and quick to make. You must try it out too!


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