Tempeh Bacon, a review

Before Christmas we bought a pack of Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon Marinated Tempeh. We then proceeded to bring it to my parents’ house with the rest of our food before leaving for San Francisco. When we came back, we realized that 1) my parents had not touched it; 2) that it was vacuumed sealed and good until March.


This week, we finally tried this traveling tempeh in a “BLT”: quinoa bread, lettuce, cilantro, and tomato slices were a perfect pairing for the this lovely product.


Slightly crunchy, smoky and with the distinctive taste of maple, this bacon imitation really hits a happy spot. It was not too salty, and did not have any weird after taste.

Granted it is not as crispy as meat bacon. However, all the flavour is there and in a BLT, we did not miss it at all.


Frankly, I think this would make a great addition to any vegan brunch, especially if served with tofu scrambled eggs.


Finally, as we didn’t use the entire packet (we only needed four strips each), we still have half of it waiting for us in the freezer. Glorious days to come.


11 thoughts on “Tempeh Bacon, a review

  1. Slice those pieces in half lengthwise so that they’re ribbon thin and make sure there’s plenty of oil in the pan. You’ll definitely get the crisp you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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