Matt&Nat, a handbag review

Today I felt like a real grown-up going to school (as I’m a teacher) with my brand new “not-a-kid’s” school bag.


Yesterday, I received my new Matt&Nat bag; the third in my collection. What I love most about this Brave backpack in the gravel colour is that is it vegan and partly made with recycled plastic bottles. I also like the fact that it is very light compared to other backpacks. And the colour is just incredible: a beautiful slightly blue grey that goes with everything. The look is also very sleek and elegant. Yeah, I’m in love with a bag.


Or three of them…


The Tia Grape satchel bag is also one of my favourites for school as is has the perfect size to fit my agenda and (a small sample of) student work (which is good because it means I have limited amounts of work that I can bring home).

The slightly purple colour of this bag is so rich! It really adds a bit of colour to my wintery wardrobe while still being neutral enough for the warmer seasons. The strap fits nicely on the shoulder and makes this bag very comfortable. I really like the fact that there is a computer compartment and multiple pockets on the inside as it makes it easier for me to organize my things and keep valuables safely and neetly.

Finally, the smallest of the three is the Mitsuko bag in cardamon. It is also my cat’s favourite. What a lady!


This bag is small, but can still fit my camera comfortably. The shape is really what got me falling for it: round and structured, it is very elegant and yet simple. The colour is also very neutral and can go with any outfit I fancy. I usually wear it with the strap on, but it is removable if you prefer to carry it by hand.

I really love that these bags are simple, sturdy and well designed. Each one of them has at least one inside zippered pocket, and fits its purpose very efficiently and beautifully. The fact that they are vegan just adds to their awesomeness. They are the perfect option if you have a (vegan) fashionista in your entourage as this brand comes up with several collections a year. They also make men’s bags and accessories.

With those three, I really think my bag collection is complete and completely functional. I don’t think I’ll need to invest into more for a while… that is until I see their spring/summer collection!


They are also cat approved!

What’s your favourite vegan fashion brand? And if you have a Matt&Nat bag, which one is your favourite?

(By the way, all these bags were bought with my own money and I’m not sponsored in anyway by this brand. I just really love their bags!)

12 thoughts on “Matt&Nat, a handbag review

  1. Very nice collection they look like really great quality. I have seen them on eBay but don’t currently own any. Lately, some of my faves are Nine West, Jessica Simpson and Emilie M.

  2. Love this! I always used to ogle Mat & Nat bags at MooShoes and wonder if they were worth the money. I really love Brooklyn Industries vegan bags. They have some high-quality vegan “leather” bags, as well as some really fun and sturdy canvas bags with “leather” trim. They have a warranty too! If the zipper or something breaks they will replace it free of charge. I’ll be looking into a Mat & Nat bag next time I’m in need!

    1. Oooooh, Brooklyn industries sounds really nice and I love the warranty idea ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll check them out too!

  3. I’m going to check them out. I am working toward a more vegan lifestyle beyond just my food. They are beautiful. I like the simple, but elegant style of their bags.

    1. They fill in the void for professional, yet vegan bags perfectly! I love to take them with me to work. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which ones do you have?

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