Poutineville, a restaurant review

If you are outside of Quebec, Poutine might not rhyme with delicious, yet caloric, potatoes and gravy. And cheese. Yes. As a vegan, I was very disappointed to say goodbye to poutine.

That is until I heard about Poutineville during Montreal’s poutine week. You see, unlike most poutine places, this restaurant gives you a pre-made menu, but also the option of making your own mix, and they even have vegan cheese (of the Daiya family, I suspect) and gravy. Yes!


I was very intrigued by the crushed potatoes as poutine is usually made with fries. Well, crushed potatoes are amazing! They were deliciously seasoned and oh-so-crispy! As for the vegetable add-ons, they are a way of making me feel better about eating this very, very, very comforting dish, but they also bring a nice variety to the mix.


I tried this with the pepper gravy, which is vegan and gluten-free. This sauce was rich, had a great taste and was at the perfect temperature to melt the cheese. This last component of the poutine was really the weakest: the cheese has a very artificial taste, which I expected as vegan cheese often have a slight after-taste.


Still, the potatoes were really amazing! I just can’t get over how crispy and flavourful they were.


I will definitively go back to Poutineville as I loved making my own unique poutine. If you are in the Montreal area, give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Poutineville, a restaurant review

    1. Yes!!! 🙂 I’m always so happy when there is thought to include a vegan option at restaurants!

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