Vietnamese Food Series!

Last week was my March break week: I have already started a very serious mourning period! I took advantage of the time I had to organize my school work, plan my exams, correct the pieces of work I had collected, and plan all my classes until the end of the year… I wish! I actually am entering a slight panic mode right now thinking about all the work I need to do today to prepare for tomorrow. Huh, teacher life!

I actually really enjoyed the break and spent many days in the kitchen with my mom learning some of her tricks on how to make delicious Vietnamese vegan food! Oh yes!

So be ready for some seriously delicious recipes during the month of March. I am so excited to share these recipes as these are staples from my childhood. Growing up, I was craving these foods and always felt so privileged having such a talented cook as a mom. I’m really grateful to have spent these few days with her cooking and laughing. Thanks mom!

2 thoughts on “Vietnamese Food Series!

  1. Hey, thanks for liking my first ever recipe post 🙂 I love all your recipes here, especially from Asian Descent category! I will definitely start following your blog to get your post about food in 🙂

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