Veggie Love: Purple Sweet Potato

These purple sweet potatoes are amazing! I am completely in love with them and have been eating them everyday since last week, and I can’t get enough of them!


I like boiling them with their skin until they are just tender. After that, I keep them in a sealed container in the fridge and use them as part of almost every meal. They are so tender, sweet and look at that color! It is so much fun!


They also make really good snacks: because the skin is still on, they don’t crumble and are easy to eat. These little purple treasures are amazingly smooth and keep me filled up for a long time. Easily found in Asian grocery stores, they are a little bit more expensive than regular potatoes, but it is so worth it for the flavour, texture and colour of this potato is exceptional. A quick search around the internet will also let you know that these have amazing nutritional properties. But really, look at this colour!


I just can’t believe how gorgeous they are! Let me know if you tried them out and if you like them!

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