Yoga love: Wild and Roaming Leggings!

I usually don’t splurge on fancy yoga clothes: most days, I use a giant t-shirt and my pajama bottoms to practice. Because really, you spend most of your time with your eyes closed anyways, so who cares what you are wearing?

And then, I saw the Wild and Roaming leggings…

These are so beautiful! I love how the designs feature nature, and I find the colors amazing! (And they go so well with my mix-matched socks! Not ready to be a model!)

I love the fern design, and the sunset makes me happy! As a result, I couldn’t focus during yoga because I was too busy admiring my new leggings. Ah, well!

These are really comfortable, and I like the fact that they are made in Montreal, by a BC design team. They also give part of the money you pay to different non-profit organization, and you get to choose which one. Go Canada! I really love them, and I think I’ll be purchasing other designs in the future. Just can’t get over how fern these are…

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