Organization tip: Bullet Journal!

A few weeks ago, I came across a video on bullet journals. I was instantly hooked and wanted to start one right away. I still did a little bit of research, mainly here and here, before heading to my go-to paper store. There, I found a on-sale notebook and some ink for my fountain pens.


Then I took some time to think about the different categories that I needed, and the ones that were suggested that I didn’t really need. I also wanted to know how I would organize each section so that it made sense, was accessible and, most of all, EASY! This was really important because I wanted this to work out since I like the idea of journaling every day and keeping a trace of my life as it passes.

Now that I have started on this, I love it! I really like how flexible it is to add rubrics, keep track of things to do as well as fun things. I realized that I didn’t need to follow all of the things that ‘true’ bullet journals use, but that’s the fun of it too: you can easily make this system your own!

Let me know what you think of this, and how you keep track of things.

7 thoughts on “Organization tip: Bullet Journal!

  1. I sure learned something new today!! I have tried to collect as much possible in my phone, trying to scale down on paper but there’s something special with a clean unwritten book and beautiful pens…

    1. Yes! It is also quite fun to look back at old journals and see how you changed and evolved 🙂

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