Where would I take Aida Mollenkamp?

I love food shows.

It is truly a blessing that we do not have cable TV because I would be glued to the food network day and night. I would become a scary TV addict and morph into my couch. How do I get my fix of food shows then? Simple: Youtube!

One of my favourite shows these days is Off Menu hosted by the gorgeous, knowledgeable and articulate Aida Mollenkamp. I love this show because it is only 15 minutes long, meaning that I don’t feel too guilty taking “Aida-pauses”. It is also great because every week she explores a different city with a local guide (huge food crush on Copenhagen… the city of course!) and gets to have three meals in very different settings ranging from street food to high-end restaurants.


As I was watching different episodes something terrible dawned on me: nothing (or almost nothing) on her show is vegan! This realization made me think about where I would take her if she were to come to Montreal and choose me as a guide (a girl can dream, right?).

Without further ado, here is my script for her eminent visit (still dreaming…):

  1. We would start off our day at Café Venosa for their wonderful latté art and great cupcakes. Plus, I mean, the cats! Who wouldn’t want to start the day sipping a nice hot beverage with some fluffy friends around?
  2. Second option for breakfast, of course: Brunch at Aux Vivres. I don’t need to say anything else.
  3. We would then go up Saint-Laurent avenue and move to Kem Coba for a nice exotic fruit sorbet: soursop or mango ? Maybe both!
  4. Why not continue walking to get a nice lunch at Invitation V? My heart has something for their hot pot tray because the rice is seriously yummy, and it is so much fun to eat!
  5. Finally, why not end the day at the new Sushi Momo location? I am seriously super excited that they have a bigger place now because it means even more people will get to try out their amazing vegan sushi! Their creations are so unique and wonderfully packed with flavours, they seriously deserve all our attention!

So, this is where I would take Aida if she were to come to Montreal. It really sounds like an amazing and fun vegan day, so I might just experience it and pretend that I’m the fabulous host of my own exceptionally fun cooking show. That could happen, right?

Anyways, let me know where you would take your favourite cooking show host and why!

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