Sunday Planning Time!

For a few months now I have used Sunday as a buffer day for the rest of the week. I sit down with my cookbooks, bullet journal, markers, and try to figure out what my week will be like. Doing this has really made weeknights a breeze with more time available for fun stuff and the mornings a grab-and-go routine. It also really helps with food waste and reduces our grocery bill. Here are a few tips on how I do this:

Of course, sometimes you just have to take a cat break while planning.
  1. Think on what things you need to organize or be done with before the week starts. In my case, I like to make big batches of food so that all the lunches and breakfasts are done for the week. I also like to keep notes on my yoga practice, as well as on my teaching. I use my bullet journal to write down these categories: meal preps, yoga practice, teaching reflections. Then, during the week I can quickly take notes and keep track of things.
  2. Take out your cookbooks and post-it away! I like to select one per week and choose one or two recipes that I’ll be able to either batch-cook or make quickly on a week-night. I really like doing this because 1. it justifies the number of cookbooks I have and keep on buying; 2. it changes things up because I’m not going back again and again to the same recipes.
  3. Make a grocery list. Write down the ingredients that you need for your weekly recipes and stick to these things. Also make sure you only buy the quantity that you’ll need for the week. This makes grocery shopping super efficient and cheaper while also reducing the amount of food we waste drastically.
  4. Cook, cook, cook! This step might seem daunting, but it actually saves so much time! Imagine this: no lunches to prepare for the entire week! I usually go for soups because they’re so easy to prepare in bigger quantities and make for great lunches. Also, I like to cut up all the vegetables and fruits for snacks or salads. Finally, I prepare some granola or roasted nuts so that we have easy snacks for the whole week.

I hope these tips can help you out! Let me know what are some of your organization tips!



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