How to avoid Sunday night blues

I like my teaching job. I just like week-ends better… especially at this time of the year, when students are tired to be at school, it’s great outside and I know that the end of year exams are just around the corner. Sunday night blues is something very common, so don’t feel horrible if you are dreading Monday mornings. Here are my few tips to avoid feeling blue on Sunday nights and wasting away those last week-end hours.

  1. Organize yourself: Know what it is you have to do to be ready for Monday. Do you need to prepare a presentation for work? Do you need to prepare food? Do you need to wash some clothes? Once you have identified everything you need to go through Monday, allot a specific number of hours or minutes for each task and know when you are supposed to be working on them. I usually keep 3 hours on Sunday night to plan my lessons, correct, and do school work. I also keep one hour to meal prep for the week. Like that, I know it’s coming, I know it’s useful, and I know Monday will be okay.
  2. Plan a Sunday night fun time: Now that warm weather is back, we just want to live on our balcony. So, as our fun Sunday ritual we enjoy a nice Pimm’s cup with some aubergine toasts and nuts outside. L’appero, quoi!IMG_3049IMG_3047
  3. Give yourself some relaxing time: Yoga, bath, reading with candles, drawing or listening to your favourite album are ways to create a nice, relaxing bubble so that you are ready for the up-coming week. It can also be a great way to calm down and get ready to be.
  4. Try to sleep early: I know it is counter-intuitive to cut away precious week-end time for sleep, but your Monday will be much better if you are fresh and well rested.
  5. Plan a Monday morning fun thing: You know that yoga video you really wanted to try out? Why not keep it for Monday morning? Or that special piece of clothing that makes you feel like a million bucks? Keep it for Monday. Or maybe your chocolate overnight oats? Prep them for Monday…or do all three of these things on Monday! That way, it will be much more exciting to wake up come that dreaded alarm sound.

I hope these tips are useful and will help you welcome new weeks happily. And remember, there is only one Monday per week. Let me know what tips you have to be happy on Monday mornings!

4 thoughts on “How to avoid Sunday night blues

  1. I like the point n. 5! I will try to incorporate something exciting for my Monday mornings 🙂 The Pimm´s cup looks really awesome!

    1. Agreed, I hate Mondays but I love point 5 as well. Usually I try and plan a yummy breakfast.

      1. Yup, a yummy breakfast will get me out of bed for sure! 🙂

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