Ottawa Veg Fest

Today we drove off to Ottawa to go to the Ottawa Veg Fest! We had already visited the Montreal’s vegan festival last fall. I really love vegan fairs because they are the perfect opportunity for me to discover new products and to stock up on my favourites at a discounted price. Last fall, I had revamped my spice stash for next to nothing.


Ottawa Veg Fest was a little bit smaller than Montreal’s. However, the location was more spacious and comfortable. We got to try out food from different local restaurants, and I have to say it was amazing! There seems to be a lot more going on in Ottawa and Gatineau in terms of vegan restaurants and bakeries.

Compared to Montreal’s fair, there were a lot more animal protection groups and associations than food products being presented. It was nice to see all these passionate people and to see what projects they were working on!

As for my find of the day: vegan marshmallows! I’m really excited to review these and to see how they compare to the traditional version. Rice-crispy treat here I come! Let me know what your town’s vegan fest is like or if you attended Ottawa’s veg fest!


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