Yorkshire Gold, a breakfast staple

I have mentioned before that I have slight tea addiction. Well, it’s not getting any better because I have discovered a new must for difficult mornings: Yorkshire Gold classic black tea.


This is a very classic tea, and for a good reason! The taste is rich, deep and slightly bitter. No fruit, no flower, just pure tea leaves: a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Rwanda leaves give a very strong aroma and a round feeling to this straight tea.


This is the perfect morning tea as it is quite strong. It also perfectly complements a sweet breakfast or desert, like my raspberry-chocolate tart. I think the strong flavour would also make this tea perfect to make London Fogs. Yum! Let me know what your favourite breakfast tea is!

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10 thoughts on “Yorkshire Gold, a breakfast staple

  1. My favorite tea is, as well, Yorkshire Gold. I also love Bewley’s Dublin Morning and a delicious, slightly milder, Thompson’s Family Breakfast Blend. Bewley’s Afternoon Tea is a wonderful pick-me-up. I admit there are times when I can barely wait until noon to be picked up! Love tea!

  2. Hi, I always enjoy other tea addicts posts. This tea sounds like the perfect strong brew. Sadly, not for me as I like yo enjoy my black tea medium weak and milk free. My favourite black tea is earl grey I have this or lady grey most mornings, Chloe.

  3. I love Yorkshire tea. 🙂 …and Clipper’s organic is very nice… giving up milk in tea was a hard thing for me… but now I like it with hemp milk… 🙂

    1. Sounds good! I usually drink my tea without anything, but I sometimes make almond milk lattes: yum!

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