Calling out to other vegans!

I hope this message finds you happy and inspired! I’m always on the look out for new blogs, fun food and other vegans to share stories, finds, new ingredients and, of course, amazing recipes. So, I had an idea!


The vegan community has been an incredible source of motivation and support when I became vegan, and still is now. I love stumbling on new blogs, and I feel really happy that more and more people are switching to this more respectful way of living.


So, I would like to invite you to share your stories: why did you become vegan? What was difficult about the switch? What was fun? What are your tips for new vegans? I would also love to see what your go-to recipe is: if you had to live on only one recipe, what would it be? What is one recipe every vegan should try? What is one ingredient you always have in your kitchen?

I would love to read your stories and discover your recipes, but I would also love to share them here, on my blog. Here are a few guidelines: your post should be maximum 350 words, and include at least 1 picture. Make sure you include your blog’s name if you have one, and if you don’t, well don’t worry about it! I would love to start posting your posts next week, so get on writing!

If you are interested in participating, send me a message using the contact form, and I’ll get back to you! I can’t wait to read your posts!


16 thoughts on “Calling out to other vegans!

  1. I became vegan without thinking about it. January I usually give up alcohol for the month and this year thought I would be vegan for the month too, no particular reason just thought it would be good for me to try.

    After the month I had (needed ;-)) a drink but stayed vegan. I was surprised I found it easy and enjoyed the challenge. I love to cook so had fun experimenting with my new diet. I hadn’t drunk milk or eaten meat for years but still ate fish, eggs and cheese but I managed to dump them without too much of a problem. Enjoying the lifestyle, unfortunately I didn’t loose the weight some people do becoming vegan!

    1. Hey, if you want to write more and share some pictures and maybe a recipe you can contact me and I’ll feature your story as its own blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks, interesting idea although my recipes quite simple. I ‘m also very lucky, living where I do, I can get anything! I do post the odd photo on Instagram @lizaaitken24

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