Vegan Story Time, Luisa from Sardinha fora da lata!

I’m really excited about this week’s vegan story because it is from Portugal! If you don’t know what vegan story time is, you can check out the series’ introduction. Again, I would like to extend the invitation to all vegans out there to send me their stories! I love reading these because they are so motivating and touching. Don’t hesitate!


When I first read Luisa’s story I was amazed and really impressed. See, Luisa from the Portuguese blog Sardhinha fora da lata, has been through an amazing transformation when she switched her diet over. Anyways, I’ll let her tell you her story! 🙂

Three years ago I weighed about 98kg, then I decided to make things change. I set out 30 days to change my eating habits, stop smoking and start exercising. I lost 23 kg in total, quitted smoking and stopped consuming meat and fish.
I started smoothly and without exaggeration. Gradually I was losing weight and seeing the fruits of my efforts. At the end of the 30 days I was to continue, without a doubt. There were times that cost me a lot. I had eaten too much junk food and too much sugar, and I was dependent on it. The most important thing was to stay focused. I found that exercising helped me because after some time it became addictive and an important part of my routine.
Vegetarianism came as naturally. I knew it was the right option. My husband also accompanied me in this change which facilitated the transition greatly. Also after being alerted to all the environmental and health issues that meat consumption causes, it was him who urged me to research and write about this topic for others to adopt conscious eating habits.
Since out diet change, I have been feeling refreshed and less contaminated. I think our temperaments also changed. We became less bloodthirsty and were more relaxed and tolerant. I have more vitality and a passion for life that I never had before. I am happy with my choice and at peace with my body.
I cannot change the world but I leave my contribution. Finally I have a phrase that I often tell people. I did not choose to be vegetarian. Vegetarianism chose me. ♥
Congrats Luisa on your amazing transformation! It’s so encouraging to see how a diet change can turn your entire life around! If you speak Portuguese, or are looking for amazing pictures, check out her blog!
Again, if you’d like to see your story featured here, contact me! I’d love to read and share your story!



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