A Time and a Plate, my favourite podcast

A year ago, I changed my phone to a smartphone, and it made me discover the wonderful world of podcasts. I must have lived under a rock because I really wasn’t familiar with these. Basically, a podcast is a self-produced radio show. Individuals can create them and share them online. Official radio stations also share some of their shows this way, which means that you can carry your favourite shows on demand in your pocket for free. That’s great! I’ve been listening to a variety of podcasts because it makes commuting and waiting in line a lot more interesting: I learn and think about different topics, and so I don’t feel like I’m losing my time. The following podcast is my current favourite, and is perfect for anyone who loves food.

Go check out the Kitchy Kitchen!

A few months ago, Claire Thomas from the amazing blog The Kitchy Kitchen, launched a podcast: A Time and a Plate. This podcast focusses on the history of food. Now that’s interesting! Each episode zooms in on a particular food and goes over its history and journey to where it is now.

What I love most about this podcast is that it is full with very interesting and sourced content. Claire must do a ton of research for each episode! She mentions all her sources and books that she has read in preparation for the podcast. I love this because it gives me great book recommendations. It’s so great to listen to her show because it is so informative. I learn something each time which makes me feel like I’m not losing my time, and I love that. It’s quite incredible to learn about how our relationship with certain foods have changed over time and to know where they come from. I particularly loved her podcasts on spices and noodles because it follows the Silk Road and Marco Pollo; it made these foods even more exciting.

The podcast is also incredibly well made with music that goes with the stories that Claire shares. The sound quality is great and her voice is perfect for story telling. This makes for a very comfortable listen where you can create pictures of stories that she shares.

Finally, each episode features an interview with a current chef, baker or food creator. I love how this part of the show ties the past with the present food trends. It’s also very interesting to see how people are reinventing classic foods.  And it adds places to go visit to my bucket list!

I really hope you’ll give this podcast a try because it really is great! Take a few minutes (or hours) to check out Claire Thomas’ amazing blog too! Let me know what your favourite podcasts are!


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