I’m a mindfulness instructor!

I feel like I have reached a new level in “hippie-land”! Joke aside, I have completed my 12 weeks training with Mindful Schools to be a mindfulness instructor this week. How exciting! As an end of training celebration, I’m sharing some thoughts on how this happened. Flashback to the beginning of the year: This year,Continue reading “I’m a mindfulness instructor!”

Blanc de Gris, or how to have a mushroom farm in the city

Last summer I had the chance to visit the urban farm Blanc de Gris which specializes in growing mushrooms. After being a little bit confused by the very urban setting (the farm is in fact situated in an old warehouse), Dominique, one of the co-founder took us around a tour of the “farm”. One word:Continue reading “Blanc de Gris, or how to have a mushroom farm in the city”

Where would I take Aida Mollenkamp?

I love food shows. It is truly a blessing that we do not have cable TV because I would be glued to the food network day and night. I would become a scary TV addict and morph into my couch. How do I get my fix of food shows then? Simple: Youtube! One of myContinue reading “Where would I take Aida Mollenkamp?”

The Forgotten Garden, a book review

When we were in San Francisco, we visited the Book Passage book store situated in the Ferry Building. There, I bought a used copy of the book The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton. It took me a while to get to this book, as my book stash is overbooked (pun intended, eheh). Once started however,Continue reading “The Forgotten Garden, a book review”

Book Review: Easy reads, great laughs!

Usually, March marks the end of my love for winter (to be completely honest, 10 minutes after the first snow storm marks the end of my love for winter). By this time, I can’t take the cold anymore, and I crave for sunshine, flip-flops and greenery. However, because I’m in Canada, I’ll probably have toContinue reading “Book Review: Easy reads, great laughs!”

New Yoga Furniture Excitment!

I am so excited to share this with you! I had been accumulating yoga mats and accessories, and one corner of our bedroom really looked like a weird hippie was squatting it. So I asked my woodworking boyfriend to come up with something nice and practical. Ta-dah! I now have a custom-made space to putContinue reading “New Yoga Furniture Excitment!”

My own personal tips on starting to run again

Here are my personal tips that I try to keep in mind as I am trying to start running again after many months of laziness. Keep in mind that each body is different and that I am not an expert in any way. This bunch of ideas help me stay motivated and make my runningContinue reading “My own personal tips on starting to run again”