Christmas Series! Gifts: Shop Local!

Growing up, I often found myself cheap when I asked for Christmas gift even if my parents or family were happy to give them to me. As we live in a weird society were children make toys for other children on the other side of the planet, more and more people are questioning the ethicsContinue reading “Christmas Series! Gifts: Shop Local!”

From bad to good to yummy!

If you follow cooking people on Youtube, you probably got invaded with a ton of pumpkin spice recipes: smoothies, lattes, pies… and even body scrubs (although edible, I suggest you stick with its intended use). All these videos are amazing and made me really hungry and crave for pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice has never beenContinue reading “From bad to good to yummy!”

After Iron Man, meet Iron Fish!

A few weeks ago, I receive the Science World magazine (from the Scholastic) that I use with my grade 8 students. I fell upon a short article about a fish made out of iron that had been created by a Canadian to help remedy anemia in Cambodia. Useless to say, I was flabbergasted. Not onlyContinue reading “After Iron Man, meet Iron Fish!”

DIY easy fragrant face cream!

For the last few weeks, I have been looking for a simple way of making my own face cream. I really loved Kariderm’s protective face cream, but I wanted to make my own with simple ingredients. I also like the idea of making a flexible product that I could adapt to my skin’s needs, theContinue reading “DIY easy fragrant face cream!”

Quick Tip: Making it easy!

I decided it would be good for me to track down all the things I eat in a day to make sure that I get enough nutrients, protein, calcium, etc… After just one day of doing so, I was surprised and chocked to see that my raw vegetable and fruit consumption was very low. IContinue reading “Quick Tip: Making it easy!”

Quick tip: Road trips and snacks

Last week-end, my boyfriend surprised me with a day trip to Quebec city for our birthdays (yes, we are born on the same day!) So we looked for how much time we needed to get there, rented a car and started to get excited. Friday night, I started to think about the 3 hour rideContinue reading “Quick tip: Road trips and snacks”

BEWARE: Quick Tip Gone Wrong

Sunday morning I was really happy to find this trick… here is what I first wrote about it: Usually, Sunday is our day when we prepare all our food for the week so that we don’t need to cook too much after work. This Sunday morning however, we made a horrible discovery: we forgot toContinue reading “BEWARE: Quick Tip Gone Wrong”