San Francisco series: Day 2

For our second day in San Francisco, we took all our daring spirits and climbed a lot of very steep streets. Of course this was torture a lot of fun early in the morning. The exercise was very welcome because we have been eating a lot!

Of course this climbing had a purpose: Lombard Street! I have to say, this chunk of road is very cute! The houses are so well tended and the quantity of flowers made us forget we are still in December. Not to mention that the walk to the top of it gives great viewpoints of the bay.

After Lombard street, we walked to the Coit Tower. Once again, very steep streets, but interesting sights. The view from the tower was spectacular.

We cannot get over how beautiful the bay is! After the tower, we climbed down and walked to China town. We passed in front of many antiques shops and enjoyed the sun. Once in China town, we were greeted by the usual show of trinkets, paintings and souvenirs. We found our way to Waverly Place, the square and the Blossom Tea Company.


We were expecting a little bit more from China town however and were not quite satisfied with our stroll there. So we took on Bush Street and walked to Japan town. After all this walking, we were starving and stopped at the House Kippu (quite a funny name for a restaurant if you are a French speaker) for Bento boxes. Yum!

The potato croquettes with the plum sauce were so good: crispy on the outside, warm and smooth on the inside. The plum sauce was a perfect match. The rice was also made fresh and cooked to perfection. The avocado rolls and inari were also very tasty.

It was quite a change in scenery to be in Japan town as the street signs, store fronts and everything around you is in Japanese. Japan Center is a great place to shop for Japanese goods and taste some Japanese food. We had a really great time there!

And since we didn’t walk enough today, we decided to walk back to our hotel and to pass by the marina to enjoy the view of the bay again. Once again, the temperature was perfect and the sun so good!

We had a great day of walking today! If you have any recommendations, please let us know! 🙂

San Francisco Series, Day 1

We are in San Francisco!

Our first day was a lot of fun! We walked a lot, had great weather and went to a great restaurant: what else is there to ask?


We started the day with warm bread from Boudin: Amazing! The variety was great, and the sourdough taste was rich and tangy.


After that, we walked along the bay and were quite mesmerized by the temperature and flowers. Something quite out of the ordinary in December for us Canadians.


When we got to Fort Masson, we had the surprise of stumbling upon a farmers market… I didn’t think that Californian farmers markets would be as different as ours: I mean, they were selling orchids and fresh citrus!

We also walked to the Palace of Fine Arts. What a funny sight in North America! We were quite impressed and awed.


For lunch we had a great meal at Greens. I had the Holiday Sampler and an unpronounceable grape juice which was quite extraordinary. As desert, we shared the banana chocolate cake which is served with coconut sorbet while admiring the beautiful view of the bay. Yum!

Anyways, today was a great day! We can’t wait to see what San Francisco will display for us tomorrow 🙂 If you have any vegan restaurant recommendations, please let me know!