Quick tip: Road trips and snacks

Last week-end, my boyfriend surprised me with a day trip to Quebec city for our birthdays (yes, we are born on the same day!) So we looked for how much time we needed to get there, rented a car and started to get excited. Friday night, I started to think about the 3 hour rideContinue reading “Quick tip: Road trips and snacks”

Reasons for being vegan, a refresher

Every time I try to explain why I wanted to become vegan, I feel like I sound childish. People will look at you like that too: ‘What do you mean you love animals too much to eat them?’ It is a weird feeling to have to justify for too much (sane) love, don’t you think?Continue reading “Reasons for being vegan, a refresher”

Being gentle to every living thing

For the new years, he and I decided that we would be a foster home for cats from the SPCA. This program is meant for cats that are sick, too young for adoption or bench warmers (meaning they sat at the SPCA for too long without being adopted). The foster parents welcome their furry residentContinue reading “Being gentle to every living thing”


This week, she had a realization. During her Spanish class, she was given an info-gap exercise where she had to create a vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu for a wedding. Skimming the text, she realized that there were no vegetarian options but only meat and fish. So, she naively asked the teacher where the vegetarian mealsContinue reading “Ignorance?”

Our first completely vegan grocery!

Well, being a duo is not always going on crazy adventures, romantic picnics or surfing on the verge of danger. Sometimes you just need to hand the capes up and go grocery shopping. We are lucky enough to live in a “granola” and multicultural neighborhood where we can find many little grocery stores carrying weird,Continue reading “Our first completely vegan grocery!”