Tofu Bacon Bits \\ Morceaux de bacon végans!

This is another recipe that I made for the vegan workshop I gave last Wednesday. I don’t think it needs much introduction as vegan bacon bits is pretty self-promoting, but here we go! These are delicious: crunchy, crispy, smokey, savoury and slightly chewy. Yum! They are the perfect topping for all your salads, as aContinue reading “Tofu Bacon Bits \\ Morceaux de bacon végans!”

Tempeh Bacon, a review

Before Christmas we bought a pack of Tofurky Smoky Maple Bacon Marinated Tempeh. We then proceeded to bring it to my parents’ house with the rest of our food before leaving for San Francisco. When we came back, we realized that 1) my parents had not touched it; 2) that it was vacuumed sealed andContinue reading “Tempeh Bacon, a review”