Abstract: My new Netlfix obsession\\\ Abstract: Ma nouvelle obsession Netflix

(version française plus bas) A few days ago, Netflix launched a new show called Abstract: The Art of Design. It is taking me all my willpower not to binge watch all the episodes at once, so I thought I would share it with you in case you are wondering what to do this week. AbstractContinue reading “Abstract: My new Netlfix obsession\\\ Abstract: Ma nouvelle obsession Netflix”

Yoga love: Wild and Roaming Leggings!

I usually don’t splurge on fancy yoga clothes: most days, I use a giant t-shirt and my pajama bottoms to practice. Because really, you spend most of your time with your eyes closed anyways, so who cares what you are wearing? And then, I saw the Wild and Roaming leggings… These are so beautiful! IContinue reading “Yoga love: Wild and Roaming Leggings!”