Busy long weekend and Giveaway!

This weekend was a greatly busy and productive weekend. It started off with a great plant sale at the local plant store, which meant that we spent a lot of time gardening! We also had the urge to sand out patio and restain it. Lots of dust and sweat where involved.


We hurried along with a really fun hike leading to a great view that brought us back home to do some meal planning and cooking for the week.

Fiou! Busy, busy, busy! And sticky and dirty… which was actually a great excuse to test out Oneka‘s goldenseal and citrus body wash.  Now, you know I love Oneka shampoos. They are incredible! They make my hair soft and shiny, and they smell amazing. It also gave me an excuse to go visit my friend’s café in the very cute Frelighsburg village and to revisit the Oneka store. It’s so nice and beautifully decorated with wooden furniture and panels. Plus, I got to meet with Philippe and Stacy, the owners and founders of Oneka, and take a few pictures. How Fun!



See? Oneka products make people happy! Thank you Philippe and Stacy for your generosity and for creating such amazing products!


The body wash has the same fresh and fruity scent as the goldenseal and citrus shampoo. It felt really great after long days outside playing in the dirt or in dust. This body wash also leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and so wonderfully scented. It’s like having a trip inside the most incredible orange… not in a weird way! I love the fact that this body product is cruelty-free, made with local plants and is completely biodegradable. It’s also great because you can refill the bottles in many stores around Montreal. Great! Plus, it’s always a good idea and fun to support local entrepreneurs. Anyways, when I visited Oneka, they were kind enough to give me two bottles of this wonderful body wash: one for me, and one for one of you! If you want to participate in this giveaway, here is what you have to do:

  1. Like my facebook page;
  2. Follow me on Instagram;
  3. Comment bellow and tell me what’s your favourite outdoors activity;
  4. Live in Canada or in the U.S..

I’ll randomly choose the winner for this next Monday and contact them through a private message (make sure you can be reached) to send them this wonderful shower product. Good luck to everyone!

Floramama and beautiful organic flowers

In my ideal world, my house would be filled with flowers all year long, in every room, multiple bouquets per room, in all colors, all the time and for no particular reason but to enjoy them. Flowers are so wonderful in their variety and simple elegance. I feel that adding flowers to any room suddenly makes everything more fun and lively. However, even if all flowers are beautiful, they are not equal when it comes to their environmental footprint. Think of it a minute. Flowers are plants, cultivated in fields and are therefore treated in ways similar to ‘regular’ agriculture and all that implies. That’s why I try to buy local and organic flowers when I can. And, luckily enough Floramama is here to save the day!

Floramama is a flower farm in the Eastern Townships that has been created a few years ago by Chloé, a passionate young farmer. Since then, she has put a lot of time and energy into producing exceptional fresh flowers. I have a particular soft spot for her ranunculus and anemones.




She too brings her flowers to the Laurier Farmers Market every week. Check out her facebook page to see when she’s coming and also have an idea of the flowers that will be ready for the market. I love her flowers because they have a simple charm to them: I don’t know if it’s because they are not your typical flowers or if it’s because they are so fresh, but they make me feel shabby chic just looking at them. They also keep a lot longer than most flowers you can find at your florist.


If you fall in love with these beauties, Chloé offers a ‘basket’ option where you get to support her farm through a CSA kind off system: you can subscribe to receive bouquets every week or every two weeks. I did this last summer and loved it: fresh, beautifully composed flowers every week! What a dream!

I really suggest checking her out if you are in the Montreal region, or if you love flowers! Even if it’s just to take a look at her wonderfully colourful market stand, you won’t be disappointed. And, as you will probably succumb to the temptation and buy a few flowers, take a minute to thank Chloe for her amazing work. It’s so inspiring!




Two Peas in a Pod


This week was our 5 year anniversary. My great boyfriend had made reservations for us at Le Domaine du Diable Vert, which is a  wonderful site in the Eastern Townships where you can rent different size cabins and pods. Only two hours away from Montreal, this “mountain resort” is near Sutton.


Pods are really fun one-room cabins equipped with a wood stove and possessing an amazing bay window.


Because they are so small, they can be installed practically anywhere, and they make you feel like you are completely alone and secluded, while still remaining toasty. Speaking of toasty, we realized that we were complete novices when it came to wood stoves: we succeeded in creating a blazing hot atmosphere into which it was impossible to sleep, let alone think, while not being able to boil water on top of said-stove. Quite talentuous people we are.

Anyways, the whole point of this week-end in the “wilderness” was not to stay in and boil water, so we went out and did some hiking and some snowshoeing in the wonderful setting. Here are a few pictures to make you jealous:

As you can maybe make it out for the pictures, the Diable Vert has an amazing view on different mounts. It is always breathtaking to get up there and to see the open space, which is not what you would expect from the road.

Overall, a great week-end away from the city!


The Beat et Betterave, an Amazing Cafe!

Last June my good friend Eloise realized her dream: she opened her very own live entertainment cafe with her boyfriend: The Beat et Betterave (nice play on words as Betterave is French for beetroot).


Useless to say we were excited, proud and slightly jealous. The place they have created is simply magical: open, light, filled with wonderful music and foods, it is simply a place to visit.



So, like any 25 years old on a Friday night, we took our car, left the big city and went to Frelighsburg to listen to Les Poules à Colin. This band focuses on folk songs and has quite a unique sound. Back in June, they opened the bar, and last Friday they came back. They have such great energy and personality on stage. It was truly resourcing to listen to their music. To give you and idea of their style, this is a video of last Friday (and also my favourite song).

One thing that is truly unique to the Beat et Betterave is that it brings three different generations together: from grandparents to toddlers dancing, every one feels welcomed. And if you are new around, Eloise and Ludo are sure to make you feel at home.


If you come during the day, this is also a great place to eat some homemade falafel wraps with sauerkraut. They also keep a good variety of beers on tap.


Frankly, if you have a Saturday afternoon to wonder around, I really suggest heading towards the Eastern Townships and check them out. They will be able to recommend walks to do around their cute village, nourish you with exciting foods, and if you stay late, delight you with their guest musicians.

Congratulations for this great place you created! 🙂