2019, Community and Values

Happy New Year!

I know, I know: it’s January 23, so I’m a wee bit late. I don’t know about you but January has just passed by without me noticing. What have I been up to?

New year, new possibilities; New day, new opportunities!

Well, I’ve started my second term as a kinesiology student, enjoyed (?) many snowstorms (it’s currently snowing like crazy as I type this), felt cold temperatures that shouldn’t be legal, and tried to breathe and stay relaxed through it all.

Spoiling my plants to Beardbangs planters!


I’ve also rekindled with my love of plants and have a few new plants to call my own. I’m trying out the once-famous Pilea and loving my Pothos and Prayer plants way too much. It’s been so relaxing taking care of our plants, re-potting them, dusting them, fussing over how slow or how quickly they are growing… I’ve even started a plant journal to keep track of all their progress and see what works best. It really has been my relaxation practice of the month. Maybe it’s because of all the cold and snow, but connecting with greenery has been so therapeutic!

One of my baby Pilea!

What about food? Well, I’ve been trying to keep up with eating all the greens and making sure to drink all the water. I’ve also started to take a vitamin D supplement, and I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. However, I know I’m not getting any sunlight as I’m waking up before the sun and coming out of uni after sunset. As my uni doesn’t have any windows in the classrooms, I’m starting to believe that the sun is as mystical as unicorns. So, a vitamin D supplement makes sense for me at the moment.

A few weeks ago, Bonny Rebecca, one of my favourite vegan Youtubers, made a video about not being vegan anymore for health reasons. I felt for her and admired her courage for “coming out”. For her to be honest about this when she has built her entire brand around veganism must have taken so much bravery and guts. Yet, soon enough, the online vegan community came up with many response videos bashing her and calling out on her integrity, questioning her “level of veganism”, some even saying that she was never really vegan. Others even said that they would never give up on veganism, no matter how terrible the health consequences might be.


After seeing all of this, I felt so ashamed. Ashamed because I spent years calling myself a vegan, supporting the diet and lifestyle, believing that it was the one and only answer to all of mankind’s problems. Mostly, I felt ashamed of the community. How can I call myself a vegan, when other vegans are so plain mean and disrespectful? For me, compassion is the driving force behind my diet change. What would it say about me if I couldn’t spread this compassion to a young woman going through health problems? I’m in no position to judge, criticize or assume anything on her life. It is not my place, and it is nobody’s place. So what’s up vegan community? Are our egos so big that we have forgotten that we are dealing with actual humans? Is the chase for recognition, views and clicks overshadowing basic respect? That’s not the community I want to be a part of.

It would be hypocritical to say that I’ve never had slip ups or that I never crave butter or eggs. I find myself asking: what is really important? To be perfect or to do my best? I choose to do my best. Nobody can live up to the pressure of trying to be perfect 100% of the time. You just try your best and maybe even enjoy the process. It goes for veganism, and all aspects of life!

Beautiful scones of my heart…

As I came back to uni, in a completely new field, I’ve felt a lot of pressure and stress: Am I good enough? Am I fit enough? Am I young enough? Is my brain still capable of studying? Are they going to judge my body? Will I make friends? Will any of my former students be in my classes?

These questions and many more started to take all the space in my mind, and I was struggling with levels of anxiety that I had never experienced before. At my lowest, I realized that I was putting all this pressure on my own shoulders. Nobody but me cared! For all I know, all the other students in my program ask themselves the same questions… and all I can do is offer my best effort. That is more than enough.

This change of perspective came like a sweet wave of relief. All of a sudden, it was okay for me to relax and not work all the time; it was okay for me to eat chocolate and not feel guilty; it was okay for me to skip a workout when I was feeling exhausted; it was okay for me to go out with my boyfriend and have a cookie even if it wasn’t a vegan. It was okay for me to simply experience and live.

So, this is what I want to bring to the blog. Tips and tricks to help you cope with anxiety, plant love, plant-based recipes, vegetarian recipes, exercises, books, teas and cats! I want my blog to be a warm and safe space where I can share posts that will make you feel warm and safe. I’m not striving for perfection anymore: I’m striving for a full life that I can sustainably live. And that is more than enough.

Hoping that you will all join me,


Oh, and I’ve also started taking horseback riding lessons! It brings me so much peace, and it’s such a blast working with these wonderful animals.

Motivation tip: Visualization \\\ Truc de motivation: La Visualisation

When working on achieving goals, there comes a time when things get tougher because your motivation levels are slowly decreasing. I found that when I get unmotivated to continue working on my goals, one thing that really helps is visualization. It’s a really simple but powerful trick that can help you hit the gym when you really feel like staying home in front of Netflix, when you don’t feel like waking up early to do yoga, or do anything else that will bring you that much closer to your goals. Here is how I use visualization.


  1. Have a clear mental image of what your goal is. Before you can start visualizing, it’s important for you to know exactly what it is that you want. If you are working on specific fitness goals, or personal growth goals, what is it that you want to be like? How do you want to look or feel once your goal are achieved? Having a clear mental image will help you set clear steps to get to your goals. This is also the image you want to think of when you are visualizing.
  2. Picture yourself once your goal will be attained. Forget about everything that needs to be done to get to your goal. What will the end result look like? Have a clear mental image of how you will look or feel once your goal is achieved and summon this image every time things get tough or when you get discouraged. Having a clear objective will help you strive on.
  3. Act as if your goal was already achieved. When I set goals for myself, I often find myself thinking things like: “When I’ll be…, I do this activity.” The results: I live in the anticipation of a possible future. This means that I don’t enjoy myself right now, which is really sad. So, instead of projecting myself into a hypothetical future, I try to think of myself as if I had already achieved my goals and act accordingly. This helps me enjoy things I want to do right now, but also to act towards my goals without noticing that I do so.
  4. Refer back to your mental image as often as you need. When things get difficult, I like to think about what I’ll be like when my goals are achieved. By bringing my attention to this mental image, choices get easier to make, and it gives me a boost of motivation to remember why I’m doing all the little things I do to work on my goals.
  5. Stay positive. When using visualization, it’s super important to stay positive. You are working on yourself, and that’s great! A positive mindset will help you be gentle and more patient with yourself as you are striving towards your goals.

I really hope these tips will help you achieve your goals and keep up the great work you are doing to improve yourself! Let me know what your motivation tips are!

Lorsqu’on travaille à atteindre des objectifs, il arrive un moment où les choses se corsent, et où notre motivation diminue. Je trouve que lorsque je suis démotivée, la visualisation m’aide à me remonter le moral et à me remettre en piste. C’est un petit truc facile, mais vraiment efficace, qui peut vous aidez à aller au gym lorsque tout ce dont vous avez envie c’est de rester en pyjama devant Netflix, à vous lever tôt pour une séance de yoga pré-travail, ou pour toutes les petites choses que vous faites pour réaliser vos buts. Voici comment j’utilise la visualisation.


  1. Ayez une image mentale claire de vos objectifs. Avant de pouvoir visualiser, il est important de savoir exactement ce que vous souhaitez accomplir. Si vous travaillez sur des objectifs de remise en forme ou de croissance personnelle, que voulez vous accomplir exactement? De quoi voulez-vous avoir l’air ou comment voulez-vous vous sentir une fois que votre objectif sera atteint? Avoir une image mentale claire vous aidera à établir des objectifs à court-termes. C’est également cette image que vous voulez soliciter lorsque vous visualiserez.
  2. Imaginez-vous ayant déjà atteint vos objectifs. Oubliez tout le travail qu’il faudra mettre pour atteindre vos objectifs. De quoi aura l’air le résultat final? Ayez une image spécifique de quoi vous aurez l’air ou de comment vous vous sentirez lorsque vos objectifs seront atteints. Souvenez-vous de cette image lorsque les choses deviennent difficiles ou lorsque vous êtes découragés. Avoir un objectif clair vous aidera à persister.
  3. Comportez-vous comme si votre adjectif était déjà atteint. Lorsque je me fixe un objectif, je me prend souvent à penser des choses comme «Lorsque mos objectif sera atteint, je ferai telle ou telle chose.» Le résultat: je vie dans l’anticipation d’un possible futur. Cela implique que je passe à côté d’activités ou de situations qui me ferais plaisir d’essayer, ce qui est plutôt triste. Donc, au lieu de me projeter dans un futur éventuel, j’essaye de me visualiser comme si j’avais déjà atteint mes objectifs et d’agir comme si c’était le cas. Cela m’aide à profiter de choses maintenant, tout en travaillant sur mes objectifs sans m’en rendre compte.
  4. Repensez à votre image mentale aussi souvent que nécessaire. Lorsque les choses sont difficiles, j’aime me souvenir et réfléchir à comment je serai lorsque mes objectifs seront atteints. Cela m’aide à faire les bons choix, tout en me donnant un boost de motivation puisque je me souvient pourquoi je fais mes efforts.
  5. Soyez positif! Lorsqu’on visualise ses objectifs, il est tellement important de rester positif! Vous travaillez sur vous-même, et ça, c’est génial! Un état d’esprit positif vous aidera à être plus patient et doux avec vous-même pendant que vous travaillez à vos objectifs.

J’espère que ces petits trucs vous aideront à rester motivé et à atteindre vos objectifs. Partagez vos trucs de motivation en commentaire!

Motivation Tips \\\ Let’s go, on est capable!

It’s the middle of January already! Like many people, I took new year’s resolutions. The first week or so, things were simple enough since I was still home on a break. However, now that my work and study routines are back, I find it difficult to keep up with my resolutions and to work on my new habits. I thought about this at the start of the month and found a few tricks that keep me accountable and support me when things get hard. I thought I would share them with you, so here we go!


  1. Think about your priorities: Why are you changing the way things are? What is your ultimate goal? I really find that keeping a big picture, a longer term goal in mind helps me when I get discouraged or find it hard to keep up with my resolutions.
  2. Write everything down: I like to keep my goals on paper so that I can refer back to them as I’m going along. It serves as a good reminder when things get tough. You can also write down some inspirational quotes to give you a little push as you are working on your resolutions.
  3. Track your progress: I like to make lists and check off things as I do them. Of course, this works well for things to do, but it’s also a great way to track new routines that you are trying to incorporate into your life. Having things like “read for 30 minutes” on my to-do list each day helps me feel more accountable, but also weirdly satisfied when I can check it off.
  4. Have positive role-models: The internet is your friend for this! Find people who have achieved your goals and get inspired. This will help you refine your goals and expectations. It can also be a powerful tool to help you visualize your goals being achieved.
  5. Remember that progress takes time: It’s really important to remember that progress is not something that will happen overnight. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you are enjoying the process. Make sure you choose things that are important to you, but that you actually enjoy doing. This will help you stick to your new routines and reach your goals.

I hope these tips help you out and give you inspiration and ideas to help you stick to your resolutions and achieve your goals. Good luck!

Wow! On est déjà à la moitié du mois de Janvier! Comme beaucoup de gens, j’ai pris des résolutions pour l’année 2017. La première semaine, les choses allaient plutôt facilement puisque j’étais encore en vacances. Cependant, maintenant que j’ai repris ma routine de travail et d’études, c’est plus difficile de me tenir à mes résolutions et à mes nouvelles habitudes. J’avais réfléchis à ça au début du mois, et j’ai trouvé quelques petits trucs pour me motiver lorsque la routine tente de l’emporter. Voici mes 5 trucs pour vous aidez à atteindre vos objectifs.


  1. Refléchissez à vos priorités: Pourquoi introduire ces changements? Quels sont vos objectifs ultimes? Je trouve vraiment que de garder un objectifs global, à long terme, m’aide à me focusser et à me motiver lorsque je me décourage ou que je sens la paresse revenir.
  2. Tout mettre à l’écrit: J’aime écrire mes objectifs à long terme et à court-terme parce que je peux m’y référer lorsque je me décourage. C’est aussi une bonne idée d’écrire quelques citations inspirantes pour nous donner un petit boost de motivation lorsqu’on a pas envie!
  3. Faites des listes: J’aime faire des listes de choses que je dois faire chaque jour. Bien entendu, ça m’aide à m’organiser pour mon travail, mais c’est aussi une bonne manière de se sentir plus responsable de ses résolutions. Lorsque je vois “lire pour 30 minutes” sur ma liste du matin, je considère cette résolution comme quelque chose de concret à accomplir, et je retire une drôle de satisfaction à pouvoir rayer cet item lorsque c’est fait.
  4. Ayez des modèles positifs: L’internet est vraiment votre ami pour ça! Trouvez des gens qui ont déjà accompli vos objectifs et inspirez-vous de leur parcours! Cela vous aidera à redéfinir vos objectifs et vos attentes. C’est aussi un bel outil pour vous aider à visualiser vos objectifs.
  5. Soyez patient: Il est vraiment important de se souvenir que le progrès ne se fait pas en une nuit. C’est pourquoi il est vraiment important d’apprécier le processus. Soyez certains de choisir des objectifs qui sont importants pour vous, mais qui vous procure du plaisir. Cela vous aidera à garder vos routines sur le long terme et à atteindre vos buts.

J’espère que ces petits trucs vous inspireront et vous auront donné des idées pour rester motivés et atteindre vos objectifs! Bonne chance!


(Version en français plus bas!)

What a year!

2016 has been one of the toughest year I went through so far. A lot of changes, a lot of questioning, a lot of doubt. A lot of crap too: getting my identity stolen, car repairs, health issues.

Mainly, a lot of great stuff too, if I squint my eyes, and reflect for a while.

I learned a lot more about myself, about what I was capable of accepting, what was off-limits. I also know now what I want my professional life to look like. I also did a good job cutting off relationships that were one-sided, unbalanced or barren. I reconnected with my creativity in ways that are self-rewarding and exciting.

Not so bad for a single year.

Now that it is the final day of 2016, I thought it would be a good idea to share my goal-setting routine. Like many other people, I’m taking this opportunity to celebrate what goodness 2016 has brought me, and to say goodbye to all the negative things it also carried. I looked at 2017, and asked myself: “What do I want from this year? What do I want to say about it at the end? What is important in my life?” With these questions in mind, I set out priorities. These are going to be the broad areas that I want to nurture and pay attention to in the next few months. From these, I was able to derive some clear, realistic, specific and measurable goals. Finally, to make myself more accountable, I drew trackers in my bullet journal already for the WHOLE year. It’s all starting tomorrow, and I’m pretty excited.


When working with goals, I found out through time that it might be a better idea to keep them to myself. I read a bunch of studies, and it does make sense. I feel a lot more accountable when I have my goals written somewhere, a tracker and only me to answer to. It might sound counterintuitive, but I feel like when I share one of my goals with others, it often feels like it is less “shiny”, less important. So this year, I’m keeping them for myself as long as possible.

I hope you find time in the next few days to establish your priorities and to write down your wishes and goals for next year. Take a moment to reflect on this past year as well. After all, we do learn from history!

Quelle année!

2016 a été l’une de mes années les plus difficiles. Beaucoup de changements, de remises en question et de doutes. Beaucoup de soucis aussi: mon identité qui a été volée, des réparations de voiture, des problèmes de santé.

Beaucoup de bonnes choses aussi, si je plisse les yeux et que je réfléchis pour un bon moment.

J’en ai beaucoup appris sur moi-même et sur mes limites. Je sais maintenant de quoi ma vie professionnelle idéale aura l’air. J’ai également fait un bon débroussaillage dans mes relations pour ne garder que celles qui m’apportent réellement quelque chose de positif. J’ai retrouvé ma créativité de façon intrinsèquement significative.

Pas mal pour une seule année.

Maintenant qu’on en est à la dernière journée de 2016, je me suis dit qu’il serait peut-être intéressant de partager ma routine de motivation de nouvelle année. Comme beaucoup de gens, je prends cette opportunité pour célébrer toutes les bonnes choses que 2016 m’a apporté et pour dire adieu à toute sa négativité aussi. J’ai réfléchi à 2017, and je me suis demandée: « Qu’est-ce qui est important pour moi? Qu’est-ce que je veux que cette année m’apporte? Qu’est-ce que je veux pouvoir en dire dans 12 mois? » Avec ces questions en tête, j’ai écrit mes priorités, les choses vraiment importantes de ma vie. Ce seront les grandes lignes à partir desquelles j’ai établis des objectifs spécifiques, mesurables, clairs et réalistes. Finalement, pour me rendre encore plus responsable de les atteindre, je me suis même préparée des grilles de suivi dans mon journal pour TOUTE l’année. Tout ça commence demain, et je suis plutôt excitée!


Lorsque je travaille avec des objectifs, je me suis rendue compte avec le temps qu’il était une meilleure idée pour moi de les garder privés et même secrets. Je me sens beaucoup plus responsable de mes objectifs lorsqu’ils sont simplement à moi. Les partager les rend moins important, mois “reluisant” en quelque sorte. Alors cette année, je les garde pour moi le plus longtemps possible.

J’espère que vous trouverez un peu de temps pour établir vos priorités et écrire vos vœux et objectifs pour cette nouvelle année. Prenez aussi un moment pour réfléchir à cette année qui se termine. Après tout, on apprend de son histoire!