Reasons for being vegan, a refresher

Every time I try to explain why I wanted to become vegan, I feel like I sound childish. People will look at you like that too: ‘What do you mean you love animals too much to eat them?’ It is a weird feeling to have to justify for too much (sane) love, don’t you think?Continue reading “Reasons for being vegan, a refresher”

Three weeks check point!

So, it has been three weeks since we started the “vegan experiment”. What a blast we had during those two weeks! I don’t think we ever cooked that much or ate as many fruits and veggies. We realize we are still in the “honey moon” phase, where eating is exciting and testing out new recipeContinue reading “Three weeks check point!”

Who is the Duo?

  The Duo is amazing, fantastic, unique, and you will love it! After watching the documentary ” Vegucated”, there was an awkward silence. A silence in which each member of the duo was thinking: “How can I ask her/him to go vegan without sounding like a dictator?” Then, there was understanding, discussion, and a decisionContinue reading “Who is the Duo?”