Stonehouse spice, a review

During the Christmas break, we went to San Francisco. One of the things I wanted to see was the Ferry Building as it was describe as a “paradise for foodies”.


Over there, we were quickly drawn to the Stonehouse Olive Oil shop where you can taste a variety of olive oils and spices with fresh bread.


After tasting many- okay, we tasted all of them- spices and oils blends, I settled for the Napa Valley Spice Blend which is a blend of lemon peel, sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, fennel and salt. Yum!


I was a little bit anxious about using this because I did not want to waste any. So, I waited until I couldn’t resist anymore and used it yesterday to bring some life and sun to some mashed sweet potatoes.


Bam! This blend is so refreshing because of the lemon peel and rosemary! It was a perfect match for sweet potatoes, and I think it would go great with roasted potatoes as well. I also want to try it on soups, in salads, on some avocado toasts, and maybe with some rice? I’ll really have to control myself and not pour this allover the place!

I served the sweet potatoes with some stir fried oyster mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, tempeh bacon bits and chickpeas. The whole thing had a very forestry feel, while still being interesting and comforting. A success!


I still have one other product to test from Stonehouse, and I am really excited. Let me know if you have any favourite products from them, or if I should try any other spice blends.



San Francisco Series: Day 5

Today we took a car and drove on the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods.

If you are planning to visit the giant trees, make sure to get there early: we were there by 8:15 and easily parked and did not pay the entry fee as the office was not opened yet (a signed said we could go in, no worries). Double win! Or should I say triple win: by coming in early you avoid big crowds and really take advantage of the magic, mystery and ambiance of the forest.

After a great walk, we headed to Sausalito where we enjoyed a great view of the San Francisco bay. We walked along the water and took in the great scenery. The sun was so nice!

We then rolled on to the Napa Valley where we were amazed by the size of the vineyards. It was so much bigger than expected. It was really impressive to see these giant fields!

When we came back to San Francisco we were really hungry, and so we stopped at Whole Foods. This store is so exciting for me as we don’t have them back home. We found great fruits, spreads and breads for our new year celebration.


We started our celebration near the water, which was quite nice as the sun was setting on the bridge and the bay. Perfect way to end the year!


For 2016, I wish you all to find something that your care about and explore that passion. I also hope that you will give yourself some time to take care of yourself and the people you love. Have fun in 2016 and take time to enjoy it!