Simple tricks for better sleep \\\ Petits trucs pour mieux dormir

(Version française plus bas!)

I love sleeping. In fact, it has become a running joke that I take sleeping very seriously. For my defense, I just want to say that first, sleeping is awesome. It is also great for you. It gives your body a chance to recover, relax and regenerate. I find that sleeping well is also a great way to ensure that I am in a good mood, patient and creative. So, yeah, sleeping is pretty serious! Here are my few tips to help you get plenty of Z’s.


  1. Set a routine. Having a regular sleeping pattern will help your body fall asleep quicker. This is probably the most difficult thing to set up. However, having a clear time when you know you need to stop working, cleaning up or watching TV will really help make your nights longer. I like to stop all fussing around at around 10 pm. I know that at that time, my computer will be switched off, I will be in my pj’s and getting ready for bed.
  2. Put your devices outside of your room. This has been a tremendous help in sleeping more and better. I used to use my phone as my alarm, but I also found myself spending way too much time on Instagram instead of sleeping. Now, I let my phone charge outside of my bedroom. This helps me stay away from the internet when I should be sleeping but also reduces light interference in my bedroom.
  3. Create a sleeping routine. I find that giving myself 30 minutes of reading or quiet time really helps me settle down from my day and fall asleep quicker. I make sure that this 30 minute is unconnected and quiet: I read, I talk with my boyfriend or I just relax. That way, when I turn off the lights, I’m ready to fall asleep.
  4. Use soothing smells. Lavender is your friend for this. I love using lavender essential oil to create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. I like to put a few drops on my pillow case or right under my nose when I feel like I might be getting a cold.
  5. Get comfortable. This might sound obvious, but I feel that many people don’t take the time to set up a good assortment of pillows and covers. My boyfriend knows that my pillows are a serious affair and that they all have a different role. Well, taking the time to make sure that your pillows give you the right support will really help you sleep deeper and also make sure that you don’t wake up with sore muscles.

I hope these little tricks will help you get plenty of sleep and make your sleep better. Let me know if you have any other tricks. Happy sleeping!

J’adore dormir. En fait, c’est une blague récurrente dans ma famille que je prends mon sommeil très sérieusement. Pour ma défense, je veux simplement dire que dormir, c’est génial. Ça permet au corps de se régénérer, de relaxer et de se remettre de longues journées. Je trouve que bien dormir m’aide également à être de meilleure humeur, plus patiente, et aussi plus créative. Donc, oui, dormir c’est sérieux! Voici mes trucs pour vous aidez à bien dormir.


  1. Créez une routine. Avoir un horaire de sommeil régulier aide vraiment à s’endormir rapidement. C’est probablement aussi la chose la plus difficile à mettre en place. Cependant, avoir une heure fixe où je sais que je dois arrêter de travailler, de ranger, ou de regarder des vidéos sur YouTube m’aide vraiment à rendre mes nuits plus longues. J’aime arrêter de m’agiter vers 10h. Je sais qu’à cette heure-là, mon ordinateur sera éteint, je serai en pyjama et prête à aller dormir.
  2. Laissez vos appareils électroniques hors de votre chambre. Ce petit truc simple m’a vraiment aidé à améliorer mon sommeil. J’utilisais mon téléphone comme de mon réveil, mais en fait, je passais beaucoup trop de temps sur Instagram au lieu de dormir. Maintenant, je charge mon téléphone à l’extérieure de ma chambre et cela m’aide beaucoup à m’endormir plus tôt tout en réduisant la quantité de lumière dans ma chambre.
  3. Créez une routine pré-nuit. Je trouve que me donner 30 minutes de calme avant de me coucher m’aide à me calmer et à me remettre de ma journée. Une fois bien relaxée je m’endors également plus vite. Je m’assure que ces 30 minutes sont déconnectées et calmes: je lis, je parle à mon copain, j’essaye de communiquer avec mon chat: bref, je relaxe. Comme ça lorsque j’éteins les lumières, je suis prête à m’endormir.
  4. Utilisez des odeurs apaisantes. La lavande est votre amie! J’adore utiliser de l’huile essentielle de lavande pour créer une atmosphère douce et relaxante. Je place quelques gouttes sur ma taie d’oreiller ou juste sous mon nez lorsque je me sens tomber malade. C’est juste magique.
  5. Soyez confortable. Ce dernier truc est peut-être évident, mais plusieurs personnes l’oublient. Mon copain sait que mes oreillers ont chacun un rôle important à jouer et un endroit précis où être. Prendre le temps de s’assurer que vos oreillers vous donne un bon support vous aidera à dormir plus profondément et aussi à vous réveiller sans douleurs dans le dos ou dans le cou.

Voilà! J’espère que ces petits trucs vous aideront à mieux dormir. Partagez vos trucs sommeil dans les commentaires! Bonne nuit!


5 tips for the morning!

I hate waking up early. It really is the worst thing in my day. However, because of work I usually have to wake up pretty early, and I don’t have much time for confusion. Here are five tips to make your mornings easier, even if you only have a few minutes to check out of zombie mode.


  1. Prepare the night before: This includes packing your lunch, preparing your breakfast, setting out your clothes and putting all the necessary things in your bag. I usually make sure that everything is organized before I go to bed because my brain is more functional than in the morning. This ensures that important items will come with me to work and that I won’t have any silly ‘I don’t have anything to wear/eat” moments.
  2. Keep some water on your bedside table: I usually keep some herbal tea or water next to my bed. I find that drinking when I hear my alarm helps wake me up, and makes me feel refreshed and less groggy.
  3. Add some movements to your morning: I wake up 30 minutes earlier so that I can cram in a Yoga with Adriene video. This is such a nice way to start the day! It really wakes up my body and puts me into a good mood right from the start of the day. It also ensures that no mater what happens afterwards, I will have had at least 30 minutes of movement and time for myself. On really busy days, even just a few stretches before rushing out help however.
  4. Have something warm next to your bed: I keep a throw blanket or robe next to my bed because it is absolutely to worst thing to have to snuggle your way out of a warm bed to meet an ice-cold apartment. But, if you have a nice comfy robe waiting for you, it seems a lot less scary.
  5. Sleep early: This is kind of a “duh” tip, but I really feel like this is a crucial habit to nurture. Even if it is only 20 minutes more than usual, I find that going to bed earlier just makes me a better person (I don’t snap as much, I laugh more, and I’m happier). So, put that cellphone aside, and go to bed!

I really hope these tips will help some of you. I have been super tired these few weeks because I’ve been recovering from a monstrous cold and it’s the end of the year. I don’t think any of my highschoolers is as excited as me for the end of the year! That being said, I’m off to catch some Z’s.