Protein cookies: these are addictive!

My gym stocks Complete Cookies by Lenny and Larry … and these cookies are addictive! I mean, you train really hard and then you get to stuff your face with these delicious cookies. It’s a bit counterproductive, but they are hard to resist! Anyways, when I realized they were not particularly good for you (lotsContinue reading “Protein cookies: these are addictive!”

Train with me: Split workout #1

Considering that I used this workout last March, this is a long over-due post! As you might know, last year, I started going to the gym regularly. I started out with a whole-body routine that I did for a few weeks. After that, I created this workout. It’s a basic push, pull, leg split. WhenContinue reading “Train with me: Split workout #1”

Beginner’s Weight Training Plan

It’s here! This is the training program that I used when I started back at the gym. It targets the entire body, so it’s great if you only have time for 3 to 4 gym sessions per week. Just print it out and take it with you! Here a are a few guidelines before youContinue reading “Beginner’s Weight Training Plan”

My own personal tips on starting to run again

Here are my personal tips that I try to keep in mind as I am trying to start running again after many months of laziness. Keep in mind that each body is different and that I am not an expert in any way. This bunch of ideas help me stay motivated and make my runningContinue reading “My own personal tips on starting to run again”