Who are we?

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The Duo is as follows:

She is studying to be an English teacher, because engineering was not her thing. She loves to travel, cook, discover new things, read and knit too. She is hard-working and passionate.

He is an engineer because talking to computer is a natural talent. He loves to travel, eat, discover new things, read, watch movies and train too. He is friendly and passionate.

Together, they are the Duo. Sharing common interests, passions and values, these two will take on the world… but not today. Today, they want to embark into a new journey. Chocked, disgusted and  appalled by the animal condition in industrial farming, they have both decided to say no to meat, dairy, eggs, and all other animal based food. Both coming from different background, this is sure to be an interesting voyage to new perspective.

Are you ready to embark?

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