Vegan resolutions

Following our very expensive visit to the grocery store, the duo has decided that it would be nice to have some cooking resolutions.

We like to keep it simple.

1) Make our own hummus: we have tried a couple of recipes, which were good but not exceptional. Still working on our own, but we will keep you updated when we get to a golden one!

2) Make our own bread: we recently acquired a retired bread machine that is very big and takes a lot of space on our kitchen counter. It is time we have her come back into the working force and make so yummy bread!

3) Make our own soy yogurt: Before we took the vegan turn, she loved to make her own yogurt and kefir. Indeed, sitting next to the bread machine, there is the yogurt machine (which is basically an electric thermos). We think this machine must be missing all the TLC we used to give her.

We will keep you update on these resolutions and will, of course, share our recipes with the world! Because sharing is better!

What are some of your resolutions?

You know it!
You know it!

2 thoughts on “Vegan resolutions

  1. Hi there, In Israel and all over the Middle East – Hummus is a basic, staple food in its basic form (feel free to visit my new blog here and view my recipe). But over the past decade or so it has become only the base for so many delicious, nutritious recipes.

    1. I find hummus really versatile and soo delicious! I’ll soon post my recipe, but i’ll try out yours too!

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