San Francisco Series: Welcome Back Home!

We are back in Montreal after a week in San Francisco! We really had a lot of fun exploring this city, but we were also very surprised by a few things. I hope these few pointers will help you out if you are traveling to San Francisco soon. Here they are! First, San Francisco isContinue reading “San Francisco Series: Welcome Back Home!”

San Francisco Series: Day 6

Today, we walked all day! But, as we have learned from our experience, we stayed close to the water and ended up crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. On the way, we stopped at the Wave Organ, but there was not much music going on today. Still, it was a great spot to take a breakContinue reading “San Francisco Series: Day 6”

San Francisco Series: Day 5

Today we took a car and drove on the Golden Gate bridge to Muir Woods. If you are planning to visit the giant trees, make sure to get there early: we were there by 8:15 and easily parked and did not pay the entry fee as the office was not opened yet (a signed saidContinue reading “San Francisco Series: Day 5”

San Francisco Series: Day 4

Today was our first rainy day, and the lazy weather went perfectly well with our lazy mood after yesterday’s walk-o-ton. We started the day with the Exploratorium which was a really fun place, but we felt like this is the kind of museum you really enjoy if you are a kid, or if you haveContinue reading “San Francisco Series: Day 4”

San Francisco Series: Day 3

NO MORE WALKING TODAY!!! We were clearly on a roll after yesterday, but let me tell you that there is no way we will walk as much as today tomorrow! Our day started with what we thought to be a little walk to the Golden Bridge Park. It seemed so close by on the map…Continue reading “San Francisco Series: Day 3”

San Francisco series: Day 2

For our second day in San Francisco, we took all our daring spirits and climbed a lot of very steep streets. Of course this was torture a lot of fun early in the morning. The exercise was very welcome because we have been eating a lot! Of course this climbing had a purpose: Lombard Street!Continue reading “San Francisco series: Day 2”

San Francisco Series, Day 1

We are in San Francisco! Our first day was a lot of fun! We walked a lot, had great weather and went to a great restaurant: what else is there to ask? We started the day with warm bread from Boudin: Amazing! The variety was great, and the sourdough taste was rich and tangy. AfterContinue reading “San Francisco Series, Day 1”