Book Review: Easy reads, great laughs!

Usually, March marks the end of my love for winter (to be completely honest, 10 minutes after the first snow storm marks the end of my love for winter). By this time, I can’t take the cold anymore, and I crave for sunshine, flip-flops and greenery. However, because I’m in Canada, I’ll probably have to wait for another month or so before I can see anything grow outside.

Very depressing.

So, what do you do when you are sad? You look for laughter! While I was roaming the internet, I stumbled across two books (that became three books) that caught my attention. Well, They are amazingly funny and really did the trick!


I was told there’d be cake, by Sloane Crosley : The tone of this book is so honestly funny! I love the little anecdotes the author brings out and features in wonderfully well written essays. I was immediately drawn into her life and shared some of her frustrations and could identify with most of the thoughts she wrote about. I love how she is able to capture both the awkwardness and hilarity of some situations. Most essays are short which makes this book perfect for when you need a kick laughter fix. If I had to choose only one essay to recommend, I would go with You on a stick: bridezilla and wedding planning nightmares fill this really funny essay on how you are sometimes trapped in weird situations because of old friendships and social expectations. I also recommend Sign Language for Infidels which will make you laugh even harder if you ever worked with children and faced their awkward questions. But really, the whole collection of essays is great and will keep you turning the pages for more absurdly funny stories.

Is everyone hanging out without me ? (and other concerns), by Mindy Kaling: OH MY!!! I flipped through this book in one day while dying of cramps in an over-heated pod. Believe it or not, this is actually a great memory because this book is basically like talking to your ideal girl friend. Mindy is funny, and shares her sharp observations with a unique humoristic tone. I could really identify myself in situations she shared about her childhood and her stories made me think about my own growing up. I also like that she is really honest and perspire confidence and self-love. She is a great role model and is so down to earth and filled with life! It was a really refreshing read. After finishing her first book, I ran to the bookstore and grabbed her most recent one:

Why Not Me?, by Mindy Kaling: This second book covers her life since starting to work on her own TV show, The Mindy Project. Although it was more difficult for me to identify to the situations portrayed in this book (I don’t have my own TV show yet and never had to prepare for a red carpet event), I still enjoyed it because I learned a lot of things on how TV shows were written, produced and made. Once again, her fierce humor makes you want to be her best friend, and her advice feels like vitamin C for the soul.

If you have the opportunity to do so, I would definitely give one of these books a try as they are really funny and will cheer you up for sure! Do you have any other funny books to recommend?


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