Iceplant and Salicornia, two market finds

This week-end we went to the Laurier Farmers’ Market, as usual. We found some pretty unusual greens: iceplant and salicornia!


Both were really fresh and super tasty. Salicornia is an old favourite. It grows along the shore of the ocean or rivers so it takes on a really salty taste. It is super crunchy, and frankly it eats itself up in a flash! I love munching on salicornia on it’s own: it’s so fresh and marine. It makes me feel like I’m on the seaside, which is great!


If you are interested in looking at more wild plants, I really suggest checking out Forêts et Papilles. They prepare amazing teas, seasonings and sugars with wild plants. They also have amazing fresh produce every week at the market. Worth checking them out!


The second find is something completely new and unknown to me, grown by the Jardins d’Ambroisie: iceplant. Apparently, this plant has been traditionally used in the southern part of France, but it was rediscovered by famous chefs in recent year. Well, I can see why! The main thing about this plant is its crazy texture: as it is a succulent the leaves are quite thick and chunky. The fun thing is that they are covered in little bubbles filled with a salty and sour liquid. Sounds alien, right? Well it’s wonderful!


This plant has a a rich salty and sour taste that is so refreshing. I love how the little bubbles just explode with every bite. It’s truly something to try out!


If you don’t feel like munching on these just like this, you can chop them up and add them to any salad. They can easily replace salt and vinegar in any dressing. It’s amazing! If you have a chance you should really give them a try! Let me know if you have any market finds I should be on the lookout for!


5 thoughts on “Iceplant and Salicornia, two market finds

  1. I just found these in my local fruit and veg shop in Adelaide, South Australia. Like you said, they are delicious! The one you call Salicornia, was listed here as Samphire or Sea Asparagus – crunchy and moreish. The Iceplant explodes in your mouth into flavours of the ocean – it’s truly amazing. I made a salad with both of them last night, adding saltbush leaves, cucumber and spinach and it was very nice. The dressing I used was a little strong flavoured (coconut aminos and apple cider vinegar with oil), so I recommend using a mild flavoured dressing. We could still taste the “sea-greens” an hour later! They don’t keep more than a day or two, so I planted the rest in my garden. As they’re succulents I hope they grow, then I can use them whenever I want 🙂

    1. Wow! That’s amazing! Let me know if they do grow 🙂 I might try it out inside! This is so much fun! 🙂

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