And I’m back again!

Hello amazing people!

Where was I? Well, last year has been a really busy and weird year.

First, it was my first year teaching, meaning that my personal life almost died by the time June came. I really thought that I would write or film everyday of the summer, but after a year of intense work, I really couldn’t get myself to do it. In fact, this was probably the worst summer of my life.

For the first time ever, I got insomnia and spent multiple nights crying and asking myself if I had made the right career choice, or if I had just made the wrong decision.

Then, September came back and so did school. I really did not feel like coming back and felt enormous pressure as to my teaching performance. I questioned myself continuously about how I would face the students, the administration and the other teachers. Of course, because of our weird education system, I didn’t even know if I would get the same  job as last year, if any for that matter.

A week before the beginning of the school year, I got a call for the same job I had done last year. I restarted and try to forget about my doubts and aspirations. See, between two sobs, I thought about what I could do if didn’t have a job come September. I realized I really wanted to pursue veganism and share my experience and knowledge about being vegan. I also wanted to push my gardening experiments. Finally I started to write my own recipes and found great ones that I want to share! However, because life as an adult is, well, life, I did come back to school.

I have to say, things are a lot better than last year, and I feel very excited about sharing things with you again. Also, I have reconnected with an old friend, and I am very happy about what this means as she has recently become vegan. Collabs on their way, maybe! 🙂

Anyhoo, come back often to discover new recipes, exciting reviews and videos!

Something yummy this way comes!
Something yummy this way comes!

6 thoughts on “And I’m back again!

  1. Such a great way to eat! This photo makes me envious:
    Will I ever get to do that! Please delete my comment from the other post!

    “When mentors steal your work… … … please read, leave a comment1 🙂

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