Sushi Momo: a restaurant review


Today, I went to school, had fun with my first class, and then… everything kind of dropped down from there. So, what do you do when life gives you lemons?

You go eat sushi, of course.


We had tried to go to Sushi Momo (which is an all vegan sushi restaurant) once before, but we were unlucky enough to choose a day when they had an event booked. Sadness overload.

Tonight though we were really happy to be seated at one of their tiny table in their tiny, but cute restaurant.

We were greeted warmly and quickly served complementary edamame beans. Yum! We then ordered their “For 2 Formula” (44$).


Soon a white miso soup came: not too salty, the broth was rich and soothing.


After that, we had some gyoza to share. The dough was very crispy and not chewy, and the stuffing light and savory. Served with a spicy soy sauce, this was perfection!


Then, to our great excitement, the sushi came! 25 pieces, all unique and with a special look to them. We were thoroughly impressed. The best was yet to come: full of flavours, texture and freshness, these are probably the most delicious sushi I have ever had. They really have nothing to envy to traditional fish sushi.

After all this, we each received a scoop of coconut chocolate ice-cream with a peanut butter center. Yummy!


Over all, the sushi combinations are well-thought, creative and really well executed. The presentation is clean and simple, with a touch of sophistication. The service is quick and friendly. And really, these are the best sushi in town!


Sorry for the slightly yellow pictures. As this was a “let’s get out of here” outing, I had to rely on my phone. But I went back there and took better pictures you can see here



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