Dinner Party: Indian Style!

A colleague of mine told me about her dinner parties: every few months she meets with friends for a theme dinner. I really loved this idea, and so, I contacted a few friends to do the same thing. For our first try, we decided on Indian food.

Friday night prep!

The concept is simple: we decided that the person receiving was in charge of the main dish. The others can bring the appetizers, the desserts or the beverages.

I was really excited to try out Indian recipes because I usually make my own “Indian” dishes, but I have to say that beside red lentil dahl, I can’t say I have much experience. We had to research and adapt some recipes out, but everything turned out amazingly delicious.

We didn’t have an Indian tablecloth, but amazing food to share!

We decided to prepare some onion okra stir fry, cashew basmati rice, chickpea curry and coconut vegetables. Yum! My friends brought some naan bread, onion flat bread, samosas and green peas in an amazing sauce. For dessert, we had some saffron-almond cookies and coconut balls. We also had some chai tea with the dessert.


Amazing! The food was perfect; everything went well together. It was so good! I’m so thankful that I have no talent for proportions because I still have a ton of food for my lunches this week. Quite extraordinary!

I will post the recipes out this week, so get your spices ready!



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